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Gym n Swim Sak

This idea began on a beach in Mexico. My friends and I wanted to swim in the ocean. That meant that one of us had to stay behind to watch our stuff. The idea for a waterproof purse was born! Something that could hold money, keys, camera, passport or cellphones. I wasn't getting left behind again! I started designing lots of samples. The one thing I didn't want was an "industrial type" purse....there were many of those already available. Having been in the fashion business for years, I wanted a chic look. Once I decided on the "unisex" style, I wanted something extra for the more dramatic. Thus, the RHINESTONES! It was so pretty that women started using the purse as an evening bag as well. Enjoy!

Waterproof purses for your beach and water adventures

The Gym n Swim Sak is a waterproof purse for your valuables. Keep your passport with you and dry while you are out swimming or snorkeling.

Over the last several years we have added more colors and styles, including a unisex black swimsak. I wanted a bit of fun as well, so we also added some leopard print styles. My paddle boarding friends of the male persuasion, while they stay away from the rhinestones and prints, inform me that they have no problem using a swimsak for their wallet and keys while they are out paddling!

The Newest Swimsaks

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